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6 ways to kick start your wellness routine in a new city

Wellness has become such a buzz word in the health and fitness scene and it seems as though we’re constantly bombarded with new ways to define “wellness.” Whether it’s an intense spin class, a tall glass of vegetable juice or an Instagram workout video tagged as #bodygoals, everyone has their own ways for feeling good and feeling healthy. What wellness means to me is different than what it means for you. But I’m sure all of us would agree wellness means Be Good To Yourself ☺

My recent move from sunny cosmopolitan Singapore to the highly crowned liveable city, Melbourne has inspired me to be more adventurous. Whether you live in Singapore or you’re setting up camp in a new city – here are 7 tips to help breathe some fresh air into your wellness routine.

  • Start with what you have- did someone say FREE stuff

Getting active in a new city can be easy and costs nothing. Mother Nature provides the most invigorating setting for getting our heart rates pumping and I’m feeling pretty spoiled with the plethora of coastal walks and parks on offer Melbourne. One of my favourite local haunts is without doubt Melbourne’s inner city oasis, the Royal Botanic Gardens. Of course not forgetting the beautiful beaches like St Kilda, where walking out the pier at sunset is simply relaxing. I also love the 10 kilometre walk everyday just in the city. I remember walking so much everywhere in the city during my first week in Melbourne and my calf muscles were aching badly- definitely working those muscles! So, explore your local city with foot and you will find many amazing activities for you to keep active! 

  • Try new things

Pick at least 1 new thing that you’ve never tried before. One of the best tips is to make the most of intro offers at exercise studios too. Get onto the multi-access fitness pass like Body Pass ( Class Pass (, or K-Fit ( which will give you access to a range of studios and workouts across your new city. This is also a great opportunity to figure out which fitness studios you like best and perhaps even find a new sport that interests you.

  • Make exercise dates

Having a weekly exercise date with friends is a great way to make sure you get out of bed, make new friends and explore your new home. I have been trying so many new exercises with my friends and it is so fun! It is also key to feeling supported as we share the highlights and challenges that go with transitioning to life in a new city.

  • Establish a routine
    While mixing up your workouts is great, there’s a lot to be said for regularity – having a handful of classes to go to at the same times each week is a great way of not only making sure you stay on track but also helping you get acquainted with the locals and forge stronger relationships with the community you are at.
  • Commit to doing something new on a regular basis
    As you settle into your new home – get into a habit of regularly creating new ones, whether it be a style of yoga you haven’t tried before, a walking track you haven’t yet taken, or a weekend adventure in a different part of to town.
  • Eat well
    Living abroad alone can be challenging especially when everything is new to you and you have to do everything yourself. Cooking more, eating out less and sourcing high quality food should be at the top of your priority list. Plan ahead. Do your grocery shopping smart- That means stocking up on convenient and friendly grub that’s nutrient-dense, fresh, and has sustaining calories. Fill your refrigerator with snacks like hummus for dips, dark chocolate, nuts, and individual peanut butter packets if you have a busy schedule. If you are on a tight budget, check out the weekly catalogue of your local city and you may find some amazing good deals. And of course, drink lots of water! 

Be Good To Yourself,


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