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6 Reasons why Bali should be your next Yoga retreat destination

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Looking for postcard-like place to visit as your next holiday destination? Search no more. Bali is all you have ever wanted to see and experience. The exotic weather along with laidback atmosphere, friendly locals who will teach you their down-to-earth lifestyle, delicious food and incredibly interesting culture will make you fall in love with the place instantly. Bali is well-known for its perfect weather with abundant sunlight and some of the best beaches in the world. The magical appeal of Bali is what makes people forget all about their troubles when they see the picturesque gem of the Pacific Ocean. Here are the top reasons why you should include it in your wander list.

Any time is the right time
For most holiday destinations, you should choose the ideal time, but this time, you are really lucky. Bali has ample sunlight all year round. Its weather is mostly sunny with breezy nights and tropical days. Temperatures range from 25 to 30 degrees Celsius. You may expect some downpours from October to April, but still the weather is really nice. All year long you can enjoy the water activities or adventures in the highlands.

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Enjoy yourself in infinity pools
So, you seek some unique experience to make your holiday the best so far? With the trademark infinity pools hanging from the edge of the Bali cliffs into the ocean, you are bound to shake off any stress you seem to have been recently experiencing due to everyday hustle and bustle at work. Bali’s infinity pools rarely fail to impress even the toughest among the visitors.

Photo courtesy of Roxana Oliver

See the best beaches in the world
Bali is home to a wide range of postcard-like beaches. You can visit the palm fringed ones with white sand such as Kuta and Sanur where there is no noise. You can enjoy endless water activities without anyone whizzing by. If you are still looking for something more secluded, explore Uluwatu and Bingin in the hidden shores which have cliffs all around. If you are all in for surfing or stand up paddle boarding, you are at the right place because the water conditions are perfect. You can even try snorkelling and see the vast underwater biodiversity.


Best yoga teachers and spots in the world
Bali indeed is the place of ultimate tranquillity, and numerous yoga spots and excellent teachers add to its serenity. This is the centre where you can reach a positive state of mind and let go of all the hardships you have gone through. Don’t be surprised if you get encouraged to learn more about yoga itself. Numerous people have decided to become certified yoga teachers after experiencing yoga there. Go for Bali yoga teacher training and make this an ultimate holiday experience you can continue practicing even when you return home.

Photo courtesy of Roxana Oliver

PeopleThe hospitality of local people
Unlike many other places, this one prides itself on hospitality. Locals are brimming with positive energy and they are willing to include you in all of their activities, so don’t be surprised once you find yourself dancing the traditional Bali dance. Mingle with the people and you will become like a native in no time.

Bali is destination like no other. Vast natural wonders, friendly locals and the ultimate serenity will make sure that you have the time of your life.

The culture is unique
There are numerous temples in Bali and you will see the locals celebrating the anniversaries every six months, because the Balinese calendar has 210 days. They present decorated shrines, processions open to the wide public, rich fruit offerings are waiting for your taste buds. You can witness their rites of passage and experience the festive spirit all year long.

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