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5 Wellness Tips to BE GOOD TO YOURSELF

5 Wellness Tips to BE GOOD TO YOURSELF

You deserve to Be Good To Yourself and feeling your best every day. 

Very often, the big luxury for most people is the little blank spaces in the calendar where you collect yourself. You are a priority and it is essential to make time for yourself because that’s how you can ensure you are caring for YOURSELF.

And in case you forgot, you are your most important person. Fill your own cup so you can shine your brightest! Then watch the magic that follows.

Here are our 5 favorite and most effective tips, tricks, and tools to support your overall wellbeing in everyday life. Special thanks to Rachel Brathen and Kayla Itsines for some of the best wellness tips.

WARNING: These tips could change your life ????????


  • Create sacred mornings– Mornings don’t have to be dreaded. Get to sleep a little earlier and wake up a little earlier so you can give yourself the time and space needed to start each day off right. How you spend those first precious moments is up to you. Light a candle, sit in meditation for a few minutes, practice yoga, eat a good breakfast, look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself 3 reasons why you’re a badass. Whatever action feels like a warm hug from the new day, do that thing. Let your first thoughts be an opportunity to set your intentions for the day you want to have before it begins! Pressing snooze until the last minute and rushing out the door sets a hectic tone for the day. Make your mornings sacred and the rest of the day will follow suit.
  • Be true to yourself – Being true to yourself starts with knowing who you are and accepting yourself; knowing your strengths, passions, limitations and purpose in life and then living that way all the time. You come to know yourself only by living life. Finding what works for you. What defines you and makes you whole.



  • Find out what you LOVE doing– Find something you love doing, something that works for you and something that you can see yourself doing in a few years for now. If you HATE your workout routine/lifestyle, change it! There are so many AMAZING wellness activities you can do today! You just have to find something you LOVE doing-not something that feels like a chore. 
  • Do what’s right for YOUR body– Don’t concern yourself with clean eating, concern yourself with a clean and CLEAR mind. A mind free of guilt and stress when it comes to food. Eat WELL, exercise consistently and do what’s right for YOUR body. 



  • Celebrate YOU. Life goes so fast we forget to take those few breaths, stand back and look at what we have achieved! “Wellness travel is not a trend. It is not something that is here today and gone tomorrow,” says Carly Renshaw, a Virtuoso wellness travel expert in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and a registered holistic nutritionist. “Wellbeing is part of our everyday conversation now. People want to live better lives and travel is a major component.”

So what are you waiting for? Start your wellness vacation nowOm&Away has some of the most breath-taking retreats to rejuvenate you and make you feel happier!

Your turn: What’s one wellness habit or practice you want to focus on? Shout it out so we can support you!


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