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4 Specially Crafted Women’s Retreat for 2020

Note: Due to covid-19, the retreat might be postponed or cancelled – for more information, please drop us a message –

Whether you’re looking through this list wondering, “What are the best women’s retreats near me,” or “How far away can I get from this place,” you’ll find something here that will make this year your most transformative year yet.

If you need a reason to go on a women’s retreat, here are a few of the most common:

  • Develop or deepen a yoga or meditation practice
  • Detoxify your body and learn sustainable daily wellness habits
  • Relax and practice self-care to restore and rejuvenate your body
  • Challenge your physical limits by tackling some bucket list activities
  • Write a book — or properly revise one you’ve written
  • Learn something new that your busy life leaves no room for
  • Take time alone to understand and to address a problem in your life.

Whatever your reasons, if you could use some time alone, time with your sister or mom or with a group of your best girlfriends, consider one of the options in this article. Some of these retreats might have been postponed due to the Covid-19 situation, do email us at for new dates.

Awaken to your Bliss Retreat, Costa Rica

For 6 magical days, we will gather as Goddesses in a safe and inspiring environment, surrounded by Gaia and the energy of her wild. This will be the perfect setting for an in-depth connection to the Earth energy that leads and guides us everyday, and to align ourselves with the wisdom of the many plants, animals and creatures we’ll encounter throughout our adventures.

Discover this magical retreat here.

Celestial Soul Journey, Peru

For 9 magical days in May 2020, we will go on a deep transformational adventure. The Peruvian landscape will be the perfect setting for inner exploration to align ourselves with the ancient wisdom of the land. Our days will be filled with an abundance of sacred sites, gatherings, ceremonies and Light Code Activations.

Our spiritual retreats are known for providing a platform for healing and inner growth to reset and elevate into a higher state of consciousness.

Discover this unique retreat here.

Awaken to your truth with activation retreat, America

Asheville is known for its powerful vortex energy, it is believed these energies intersect under the city. This spiritual energy is often compared to Sedona. We will plant the seeds on this 3 day adventure of awakening. In the woods we will connect deep within, through meditation, breathwork, yoga and sisterhood circles, we will find our connection to nature. Plant the seeds and awaken to your true gifts.

There is an optional Goddess reiki and attunement level 1 and 2 training after the retreat.

Discover the benefits of this retreat here.

Spirituality Silence and Arts Practices, Indonesia

This 7 days Yoga and Art retreat is for 4-6 Women in an intimate and safe environment with 2 hosts. It is an integrated program of yoga and meditation, healing, connection and nutrition. This retreat aims to provide women with a space to tap into their true nature and awaken their inner radiance through empowerment, self love, compassion and acceptance in a safe, nurturing and holistic environment. With an emphasis on bringing it into your everyday living.

Learn more about this retreat here.

Om & Away and Be Good To Yourself my dear sisters!

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