1. Tell us a little bit about yourself! 

I’m Brandon 28, an Entrepreneur and Yoga Instructor. I founded Instiinct Studios 2 Years ago and I’ve been doing lifestyle curation for Gastro Arts Collective which is a new project i am embarking on with an amazing team. I believe in keeping creative in all my endeavors and hope to inspire people to create magic.

2. What is your wellness/fitness routine? 

Well it varies, but on average, while teaching Yoga everyday and doing yoga everyday (Comes with the Job), I believe in a holistic workout routine, in which i incorporate functional weight training twice a week as well as high intensity sessions twice a week as well. I try to have a run session at least once a week as I enjoy taking nice evening runs with my friends.

3. Where is your favourite travel destination?

 I have the travel bug, so i love travelling everywhere. But if I have to pick out of the places I have travelledto; I’d pick the Australian beaches, as well as Whistler Mountains as they bring me a sense of serenity and freedom.

4. What are the places or retreats you would recommend to people for a travel wellness experience? 

For a wellness experience, I’d pick Sri Lanka as well as Bali. These places just give me a sense of history and calmness at the selected places. I also love how raw these places are, allowing one to connect with oneself, in nature and culture.

5. Why do you think it’s important to prioritise your health and wellbeing and how do you keep this at the forefront when life starts to become overwhelming?

Health and mental wellbeing come hand in hand. One cannot live without the other. Thus balance is key. Everyone knows that we need to keep our lives in balance. But have we had the time to pause and really cared for our own wellbeing before life gets overwhealming? Keeping our life in check both physically and mentally is so important especially to have happy relationships with others and of course yourself. With the increasingly stressful work culture and how fast paced life has become in a metropolitan city, life can get and often gets “crazy”, thus awareness is key.

6. Everyone’s idea of self-care is different, please tell us about yours?

My self care is making time for me time. So for me time, i like to travel, or to get a massage or even to spend time at home to listen to music, and to take my mind away from work by playing mobile games.

7. What is your personal ethos?

My personal ETHOS is to always dream big, and to always be grateful. I’m the sort who dare to dream my dreams to reality and I am always grateful every step of the way.

8. If there is 1 wellness tip you swear by, what would that be?

Laughter. Cause it really is the best medicine, why take life so seriously?



10 inspiring things about the Founder of The Moving Body Group

This week we speak to Audrey, the Founder of The Moving Body Group.

1. Tell us about your business, how long you have been doing it and who your customers are?

 I founded The Moving Body in 2009 with the vision of teaching movement to people to help improve their daily lives and activities.

2. What were you doing before entrepreneurship?

I was a research analyst for the civil service then a fitness coordinator before teaching Pilates.

3. What is the vision when you started up The Moving Body Group?

To be a studio that has the best equipment and instructors in the region. We teach our clients with the goal to help them understand their bodies better and not just to burn calories.

4. Where do you see the future of The Moving Body Group? 

A longstanding trusted brand for movement education and services in SEA.

5. Tell us your number 1 biggest business challenge?

Managing people and influencing people to have the same vision.

6. What motivates you personally?

To be better than what I am today.

7. What is your personal ethos?

Honesty, wisdom and compassion guide my decisions.

8. How do you inspire others to seek to improve themselves  in their pilates journey?

By being a role model myself.

9. Do you have a wellness routine? What is it?

Yes I do a combination of interval training and Pilates and Gyrotonic during the week.

10. Tell us your favorite place to travel to? 

Disneyland – it is the happiest place on earth. I have attended leadership courses with Disney and the organization itself is amazing. Their company culture and what they represent is instilled in their staff and employees.


Join Gabe in this yoga and wellness retreat that offers you offers you the opportunity to transform your pain inducing thoughts and find the freedom of joy that lies within you, constantly.

Learn how to break away from negative patterns and destructive habits. Immerse yourself in a setting that is nourishing, calming and naturally inspiring.

Location: Thailand

Dates: 8 June – 14 June 2019 and 15 June – 21 June 2019

Find out more information on this retreat at https://omandaway.co/retreats/ultimat…


Wellness is the most valuable life asset you can attain, it is a divine gift and a sanctuary of life. When you abide by the fundamental principles of health and wellness, blessings beyond your imagination will begin to flourish. 

Today we find ourselves surrounded by modern conveniences. There are so many, in fact, that it’s easy to overlook just how inconvenient modern living can be. Did you know that human beings were originally designed to stop and completely rest one full 24 hr cycle every week. Studies have shown outstanding results on total wellness of mind, body and soul which have resulted in overall extended life span and quality of life of up to 7 years and more than the average healthy person could expect.

That’s where Om&Away comes in. Life has become so busy that many feel they simply don’t have the time for health and wellbeing. Retreats are a convenient way to jumpstart a new wellness plan and gain much-needed guidance on the path to a holistically healthy new you.

body+soul shared the top 5 reasons why Health Retreats are worth it…

1. Looking for a BIG Idea?

Many people you talk to who go on health holidays will talk of feeling “recharged” and having a new found “clarity” that helps them set new goals – in fact, Bill Gates is rumored to have come up with the concept of Microsoft whilst on Retreat.

Basically, we don’t just relax because it’s fun; relaxation is really important and the evidence isn’t just anecdotal.

When we rest the brain, change scenery and begin to unwind, the way we do in a retreat environment, we start to think more clearly – and wouldn’t we all want to do whatever we could boost our chances of thinking up an idea like Microsoft?

2. Needing Mind-Body Connection?

Physically moving your muscles and manipulating your body – as with yoga, massage or progressive muscle relaxation – can also provide a mental release.

Time out at a retreat is the moment you can give yourself permission to prioritise your yoga, mindfulness, meditation practices. You can also partake in music therapy, watsu, feldenkrais, hypnotherapy which can have transformative benefits. These types of sessions can help you feel better mentally, improve quality of life and may also help to ease symptoms of some chronic conditions.

3. Do You Seriously want to Achieve Your Key Health Goals?

Sometimes we need tough love. Whether it’s to lose weight, get fitter or learn to sit still. Retreats with a disciplined program and professional staff can help you get results in a short space of time. As we know, kick starting these types of goals at home with the usual temptations around can result in failure.

Being with like-minded people in a retreat setting is an added force to help you stay on course. At the very least you can complain to each other, however one thing is for certain you’re more likely to get the result you want.

4. Feeling Overawed by all the Food Myths and Diets?

If you want to eat well, understand the qualities of good nutritious foods and learn how to prepare health dishes at home, then find a retreat that is credible and has a strong education program such as cooking demonstrations and seminars.

Giving yourself a break from the indulgences and excesses of life – too much alcohol, caffeine, sugar, junk food etc can leave you feeling re-energised and lighter. Take the challenge and go without these excesses for 7 days. Not all retreats offer this. My advice; try it. Be prepared to get uncomfortable and then feel your energy levels skyrocket.

5. Want to Firm Up Your Grip on Life?

Health retreats are great if you are on the edge of losing it. Look at it this way, it is easier to tell your friends and family you are going to a health retreat than it is to say you are going to rehab!

Think about what you have done this past year to get away from the fray and to look at your career and personal life from different perspective. Are you happy? Or are you just coping? Retreats provide perspective through introspection and support.

Fully immersing yourself in a retreat experience with professional staff and a credible program can make you feel human again and support long-term change.

Visiting a retreat forces you to STOP. To break the maddening routine that perhaps is not serving you. It affords you some space, fresh air, healthy food, some exercise and much needed rest. It’s a time effective way to get educated, reflect on your health and contemplate change. You won’t need a holiday from this kind of holiday because you come away re-freshed, re-energized and re-focused and maybe a few kilos lighter. Who knows you may even come away with a life changing idea.


Thank you body+soul for sharing why health retreats are worth it!

Start your wellness experience at Om & Away now.

Be Good To Yourself,



I was almost falling asleep, and I got a text from Mummyfiue’s Gidania. If you haven’t checked them out, they are a terrific mother and child portal. She asked if I would like would like to go on a parent and child trip by Holidays with Intention as a Mummyfique correspondent.

I checked out their program and it looked amazing! The kids and adults have their own separate program in the mornings, and they all get together for lunch and to explore in the afternoons. It was perfect.

Mom Guilt

As I travel pretty often to review retreats, the inevitable mom-guilt creeps up when i have to travel and leave the kids at home. This retreat however, gave me the perfect opportunity to do a trip with them. With that, we were all geared up for this holiday with an “intention”. I pulled both my daughters out from school for a week and we were all set to go. Needless to say, the girls were very excited about their first mommy and daughters trip.

The First Day

The first morning, we started off the retreat with a circle. Honestly, I was a little nervous as I haven’t met anyone before in this group. I really did not know what to expect, living with this group in this huge villa estate for the next six days.

Melissa Indot, the co-founder of Holidays with Intention, started the circle by jumping straight into song. She sang “Ho’oponopono” a traditional Hawaiian song. This mantra has four lines. 

“ I”m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.” The kids were silenced, all 22 pairs of eyes were on Melissa. A mom started sniffing. Such a simple song, but when it was sang by Melissa, I was totally engulfed with goosebumps.  That set the tone for this retreat, all my nerves was all washed away and I knew that we were going to be in for a treat! We introduced ourselves and we set out to take the kids to the Front Yard Play school.

The Frontyard Playschool

The FrontYard Playschool was set up by Ping and Tracey from scratch. Ping is the founder of Frontyard School and Tracey is a former Montessori teacher. Both of them had planned an activity-rich program for the kids. The children in this group ranged from 9 months old to 7 years old. The teachers were assisted by caring Balinese nannies. I must say, it was a great set up for kids of these different ages to play, and learn from each other. 

When my girls came back from school on Day 2, I asked,”What did you girls learn in school today?” 

“Respect,” Ava and Mya replied.

I knew then, that it was the right decision to come here, the teachers were doing a great job. Values were being instilled in them without teaching them.

The Daily Grind

The daily schedule is breakfast in the morning, the kids jump on the school bus to the FrontYard Playschool. They do craft, physical activity like walks on the beach, gymnastics or dance, and music. The parents then start a 90min yoga session at 9am. After which, we relax and enjoy “me” time, or work. The kids come back to the villa for lunch and we move on to our own activity in the afternoons.

All our meals were prepared and served in the villa. We were fed wholesome food with options for my gluten-free, egg and dairy-free diet. Bali is also famous for its delectable cafes and restaurants, so some of the moms also made arrangements to try out certain cafes in Bali. We had a good time eating at Genius Cafe, which was a stone’s throw away from the villa; It served great coconut shakes, and creative salads. The plating and setting on the beach was insta-worthy for sure!

During our free time in the afternoons, the different families went off to galavant on their own. My daughters and I hung out at the pool and swam everyday. Bali really has a lot to offer – our friends went off to visit temples at Uluwatu, waterfalls in Ubud, shopping in Seminyak, Museums in Kuta.

The Parents Workshops

There were two workshops for the adults on this retreat. They were held in the evenings. The first being the Serenity Vibration Healing Workshop and the second, Intuitive Music Programming Workshop. These workshops are good for first-timers and seasoned retreat go-ers. It is always good to keep track of yourself, ask yourself questions and discover change. I thoroughly enjoyed both the workshops, especially the latter. Melissa would play and sing songs in the program, and we would reflect on certain topics with those chosen songs. It was a reflective workshop that brought us through dreams and hopes.

The location – Bali

I must say though, that their choice of city – Bali could not have been a better choice. It is a beautiful island with kind and welcoming people. The nature and cultural attractions are uniquely Bali and its sunsets are gorgeous.  There is always magic that happens when I visit Bali, and this time it was the amazing trip by Holidays with Intention.

My Closing

And like what we started off with this holiday with intention in a circle, we closed the trip with a closing circle. I got a little emotional saying goodbye, but I had an amazing time. I would recommend this trip for any mom, whether or not you do yoga! A couple of moms who have never done yoga were in this trip and they loved it. One mom, May even signed up with studios in Singapore to continue her yoga journey! She said, “I”m committing myself to wellness because 5 days of yoga mornings in Bali has given me the motivation to self-care” 

Holidays with Intention is a perfect getaway for moms and dads with children. A special bond was created between my daughters and I.

The Friendships

There is one thing that made this trip very memorable – and that was the newfound friendships that we have made, for myself and my daughters. My daughters now want to invite *Mabel and *Sandy to her birthday party in June. The moms that are from Singapore are now organizing a reunion yoga session.

If reading this has whet your appetite to go on a retreat, check Holiday with Intention for details on when the next trip and Om & Away for more of such holidays ideas for yourself and your family!

*names have been changed to protect the privacy of the children.


Om Ambssadors are our brand ambassadors: leaders in their own community who champion the Om & Away brand and exmplify our mission and ethos both in person and on line. This week, we chat with Peggy Chang(@sixpegs) about her love for  travel, food, music and more. 

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself

I am the co-owner of a cafe called The Tiramisu Hero in Singapore and have been blogging for more than ten years. I love good food, travel, yoga, movies, animals and good music!

2. What is your wellness/fitness routine?

When I was younger, I was a choir girl and had always been in clubs and societies in schools. My fitness journey started when I discovered yoga. Now, I practice Ashtanga yoga, CrossFit or visit the gym about 3 to 4 times a week.

3. Where is your favourite travel destination? 

It is hard to come up with one because travel is always linked to how I feel when I in that country/city. So far, my best experiences were during my Eastern Europe travels and my visit to Abisko in Northern Sweden.

3. What are the places or retreats you would recommend to people for a travel wellness experience?

For a travel wellness experience, I think it is essential that the destination is comfortable and private. This might sound cliche but I’d say listen to your heart when it comes to choosing where to go. Do some research and read up about it.

4. Why do you think it’s important to prioritise your health and wellbeing and how do you keep this at the forefront when life starts to become overwhelming?

There is nothing more important than health and well-being – both physical and mental. I used to only go to yoga and see it as a form of exercise about 8, 9 years back. It was only in the last 2 years that I really saw yoga differently. 

With breathing exercises and meditation, it taught me and showed me how powerful and strong the mind can be. And how that strength can affect my body in profound ways. I started attending yoga lessons more regularly after I experienced a panic attack while I was travelling alone overseas. I remember vividly how I was trying to breathe and meditate to calm myself down. At that very moment, I told myself I need to make the yoga practice a part of my life. I’m glad I did and it had helped me tremendously.

I think it is important to make sure that working out, staying active and having a practice becomes a part of your life.

5. Everyone’s idea of self-care is different, please tell us about yours?

It is much easier to give advice to close friends and our loved ones, while the message to ourselves are the hardest to get across. Self-care is always checking in on oneself to see if one is doing okay. It is as simple as that. 

6.What is your personal ethos? 

To always be able to live with oneself, to be comfortable in one’s own skin.

7. If there is 1 wellness tip you swear by, what would that be?

Never underestimate the importance of rest. Always listen to your body and know that it is alright to pause and rest and it is important to help you learn even more in time.

8. How was your recent travel experience with Om & Away at Island Yoga?

It was my first time going on a yoga retreat and it was very eye and mind opening. I met a lot of friendly and down to earth people who made the journey so enjoyable and memorable. I was initially worried about whether I can deal with the practices physically, but there were students of various levels and the instructors also accommodated to everyone. I like how there is a personal touch to almost everything at Island Yoga, and I felt right at home while I was there. 

9. If you had to choose a word to describe the recent retreat experience with Om & Away, what would it be and why?

Comforting. It was a very balance of everything during the trip. The environment was homely and cosy but it was also a destination where one can choose to “switch off one’s mind” and start looking inward, and there are people and tools to help you achieve that. I personally really enjoyed the lessons and teachings of the instructors at Island Yoga; I took away a lot from them. 

Be Good To Yourself

The Om Team


I haven’t always been a yogi.

In fact, I walked out of one of the first yoga classes I ever attended.

How’s that for commitment?!

I admit I had expectations. And loud, energetic group fitness classes were also justmore my “thing” at the time.

After 20 minutes of heavy breathing and feeling my neighbor’s sweat splatter on me, I couldn’t get out fast enough. Besides, what was that mumbo jumbo about anyways?

Little did I know I’d be hooked less than 6 months later.

After losing my job, I sought yoga for solace. Yep. You read that right. I tried it again…

Thanks to the incessant encouragement from many close friends of mine and the cheap Groupon for a local studio, I took the plunge. I re-committed.

This time it was in an effort to heal.

Living a healthy lifestyle is a top priority for me. Yoga began to enhance my lifestyle so positively, I couldn’t help but want more and more!

That’s when I got curious about yoga teacher training… I wanted to go deeper into my practice. Although I didn’t have a desire to teach prior to enrolling, after training I decided that’s what I wanted. 

And here I am now. Teaching yoga in Costa Rica.

Who knew?

If you have had a consistent yoga practice for a while, you may be feeling the pull towards yoga teacher training.

For many, it’s the next intuitive step in your growth as a student. I say student because not everyone who enrolls in teacher training has the end goal of being a teacher. Whatever your reasoning, teacher training no doubt will have a deep impact on your life.

If you resonate with any of the following 5 reasons, you just might be ready to enroll in yoga teacher training!


You want to move beyond the physical. You’ve started to realize that yoga isn’t just about the postures and getting stronger. The mental shifts you’ve experienced as a result of a consistent practice have positively impacted your life. But you’re curious to know why… How does yoga actually work

You have a sincere, nagging desire to learn more about the philosophy behind yoga and how to integrate it into your lifestyle. At the same time, you’re excited to learn the anatomical way to practice the postures that led you to wanting more. If you’re ready to deepen your practice and overall understanding of yoga, teacher training is calling your name. 

The definition of yoga is “union.” When you’ve been practicing yoga consistently, you begin to feel the effects of this unification and connection to your true essence. Harmonizing your body, mind and spirit becomes contagious. You want to dive deeper to continue the exploration of yourself.

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.

The practice of yoga has the ability to shed layers upon layers of conditioning. This reveals our authentic self. Finding your voice is just one of the major benefits of immersing yourself into yoga teacher training. If you have a strong desire to connect with who you are and find your voice, you are ready.  

Do you find yourself bringing up yoga and how it’s changed your life to everyone you encounter? Are you already teaching others various postures you think will help them with their life? Do you often invite your family and friends to come to class with you?

If yoga is starting to consume every aspect of your life, you’re ready for yoga teacher training. This insatiable desire to share yoga with everyone is a sure tell sign you’re already on your way.


Surrounding yourself with people who have similar interests helps to inspire and motivate you. Have you made friends with other yogis at the studio you attend? Are you craving being surrounded by people who just “get it” when it comes to your near obsession with the practice?

Teacher training provides a beautiful cocoon for like-minded people to gather and learn about what they love the most, yoga. All the while, peeling back the layers of themselves in a safe, trusted circle. Your teacher training friends will be like no other!

Many people come to their mats in an effort to heal. Because we store emotional trauma in our physical and emotional body, yoga can assist us in opening up to release that trauma. Even simple breath-work can help us calm our minds and relieve stress.

Perhaps you first came to your mat to heal from injury or heartbreak. If yoga has helped you find peace and comfort in any way, you probably feel a deep connection to the practice. All the more reason to learn more about how it helps heal, so that in the process, you can help others heal.

If you found yourself nodding yes throughout this article, I think you have your answer…

But! If you’re still not convinced…

A couple things to keep in mind…

#1 You don’t have to be “good” at yoga before enrolling in teacher training.

This is a common misconception of prospective students of teacher training. You don’t need to nail handstands or any challenging inversion for that matter. Part of going through teacher training is to learn what you don’t know! That being said, I do feel it is important you have a solid practice and commitment to the practice prior to enrolling.

#2 Fully commit – don’t just do it to do it.

In an increasingly saturated market for teaching yoga, it’s important you’re doing it for the right reasons. It can be easy to get caught up in the trend of completing a yoga teacher training. But don’t just do it to do it. Know and understand the reasons why you want to be there. Training is a long and arduous task, it’s not for the half-assed student who casually signs up. In fact, some teacher trainings have an application and interview process to ensure you’re a good fit. So, are you?

The truth is, you may never feel ready for yoga teacher training. Perhaps if you’re still feeling unsure, spend more time on your mat to uncover the answer.

We have curated the top 5 YTTs happening this year – From Vietnam, Bali, Italy to Greece. Check them out here.

Article written by Yoga Nomad


Om Ambssadors are our brand ambassadors: leaders in their own community who champion the Om & Away brand and exmplify our mission and ethos both in person and on line. This week, we chat with Germaine Ong (@latenightlyricals) about style and travel. 

1.Tell us a little bit about yourself

I work in finance by day and am a Nigella-hopeful by night. I love cooking and sharing my recipes online, and also love travelling and recommending amazing restaurants or destinations on my Instagram page  @latenightlyricals

2. What is your wellness/fitness routine

I try and fit in a couple of Pilates and HIIT sessions a week – more if my schedule allows. It’s always difficult to drag myself there but I know I’ll feel much better once I’ve done the exercise, so I try to focus on that good feeling instead! 

In terms of wellness, I’m pretty lucky my husband believes in the power of wellness too, so we often mediate together in the mornings or just before bed. It’s the best and easiest way to wind down and have a good night’s rest – which in my opinion is the number one ingredient for one’s wellbeing.

3. Where is your favourite travel destination? 

Paris is always a good idea and holds a special place in our heart as we got married there. 

4. What are the places or retreats you would recommend to people for a travel wellness experience? 

Banyan Tree Spa Sanctuary Phuket

Somewhere away from the hustle and bustle of the city where the air is fresh and you hear nothing but crickets  – where you can bask in still moments, breathe deeply and hear yourself think. I recently got to experience that at Banyan Tree Phuket and it was phenomenal– a clarity rebirth almost. Other places that I love and recommend include the Victorian countryside in Australia or by the coast in Italy in low season.

5. Why do you think it’s important to prioritise your health and wellbeing and how do you keep this at the forefront when life starts to become overwhelming?

The way I see it, life is like a pyramid, with health and wellbeing forming the base of the pyramid. What you eat, drink, how you take care of yourself forms the foundation of how you feel every day. If the base is not solid, then I find things starts to get overwhelming very quickly.

6. Everyone’s idea of self-care is different, please tell us about yours? 

I believe in not depriving myself of anything – food I like to eat, massages, spot of retail therapy and a glass of wine after a long day. It’s about being good to yourself, but in moderation. If you have to ask how much is too much, then you already know in your heart it is too much. 

7. What is your personal ethos? 

Your face reflects the person you are – so be kind always.

8. If there is 1 wellness tip you swear by, what would that be? 

Do simple stretching exercises whenever you can and get yourself a spikey ball to roll out any knots just by simply rolling your body weight against the wall. You’d be surprised at how much tension we unconsciously hold in our bodies every day, in muscles we never knew existed. This tension then slowly manifests into muscle aches and tension headaches which just drags your mind and body down. A simple 5 minute stretch or roll a day can do wonders for your week.

9. How was your recent wellness experience with Om & Away at Banyan Tree Phuket?

It was hands down the most relaxing experience from the moment we were received by the Banyan Tree representative at the airport, to the time we were dropped off at the airport again. 

We were consulted on every preference and had our daily activities planned for us, yet had enough time and space to unwind and do our own thing. 

It never felt rushed or jam packed – our consultant Liz allowed us to try everything we wanted to, and had great recommendations for when we weren’t sure. The food was fantastic and we didn’t need to leave the resort for anything at all. 

I was especially impressed by Banyan Tree Phuket’s efforts in conservation – they don’t have any single use plastic onsite and were also conscientiously giving back to their local community by supporting underprivileged local youths – truly a leader in sustainability.

10. If you had to choose a word to describe the recent retreat experience with Om & Away, what would it be and why? 

Clarity. Being able to relax and be surrounded by a calm environment meant that we were able to re-set from the daily stressors of life and focus on the things we really want to.

Be Good To Yourself

The Om Team


While the wellness community on Instagram can indeed be very inspiring, the curated sea of seemingly “perfect” images can also sometimes be incredibly toxic and exhausting to keep up with. A quick scroll through the profiles of most popular wellness Instagrammers will likely show you lots of extensive meal-prepping, overpriced workout classes, and overall, completely unachievable lifestyles. So if you’re looking for some genuine and healthy inspirations, you just have to do a little digging to find them — but, lucky for you, we’ve rounded up 5 wellness accounts (and 1 more  MUST-follow) you should start following ASAP. Make sure you read till the end 😉

Rosie Hope

Leah Itsines

Kelsey Wells

The Chalkboard Mag

Kayla Itsines

Last but not least, we’ve got the 6th account covered as well just for YOU who loves wellness AND travel! Who doesn’t?! 👏👏👏 Start your wellness experience with Om & Away and Be Good To Yourself.

Om&Away : Discover – Book – Experience 

Be Good To Yourself,

Om Girls


One of my favorite things about travel is you get to go out there explore a new place, and re-discover yourself. Travel is also very much about the inner and outer. When you give yourself the opportunity for self-awareness and self-discovery through travel, you will realize that you can easily traverse the world within and around you.

1.Solo female travel

Thinking you can blast off on your own? Why not? 

2. Yoga and wellness retreats

Discover the world of wellness as Om & Away curates retreats for you. There’s always an option depending on your skill and interest level. 

Aava Resort & Spa – Gabe Yoga & Wellness Retreat

3. Eco and sustainable travel

Sustainability starts with where you stay. And choosing to staying at these eco friendly places means that you are helping play your part in reducing environment impact. Here are some of our favorites:

4. Van life

Gone are the days where living in a van is frowned upon. Lately traveling in a van is trend du jour, and it redefining the meaning of a mobile home. Also it’s a unique way to see the world, imagine waking up to fiery sunsets and sleeping just beneath the starlit skies. 

If you haven’t watch Netflix’s Expedition Happiness, view this trailer for some inspiration.

5. Working abroad

Think about an extended vacation or finding a job that will allow you to work from anywhere in the world. With the freedom of working on line from anywhere in the world, you can learn a new culture, even a new language and escape the familiarity of home.

Be Good To Yourself

Om & Away Co’s Founder

Elaine Soh